Charles Engles

Dr. Engles is currently an independent consultant. Since May 2012, he has served as Senior Director of PatentBridge LLC, an intellectual property brokerage firm. Since October 2010, Dr. Engles has served on the board of directors of Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of heavy duty diesel and light duty vehicle emissions control systems. Dr. Engles also served as a director of Catalytic Solutions, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of emissions control systems and products, from January 2000 to October 2010, when it merged with Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. From April 2008 to October 2008, Dr. Engles served as Interim Chief Executive Officer of ThermoCeramix, Inc., an advanced materials company focused on electrical to thermal energy conversion. From September 1997 to March 2008, he served as Chief Executive Officer of Cutanix Corporation, a biopharmaceutical company focused on dermatological drug discovery, which he co-founded. He also served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Stillwater from September 1994 to March 1997, where, under his direction, Stillwater completed its initial public offering on the NASDAQ in 1994. From July 1989 to September 1994, Dr. Engles served as Senior Vice President of Johns-Manville Corporation, where he was responsible for corporate development and worldwide mining and minerals operations and, in 1992, organized the spin-off of Stillwater from Johns-Manville Corporation and Chevron Corporation.

Dr. Engles holds a Ph.D from Stanford University in operations research and attended Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar.

Dr. Engles’s qualifications as director include his experience as Chief Executive Officer of Stillwater, his over 20 years of experience serving as a board member for public and private companies, his experience in the automotive catalytic converter business (the principal market for platinum group metals) and his expertise in operations and corporate development.

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