Proposal One: Election of Directors

We believe incumbent directors of the Company should be replaced by new, independent professionals capable of leading the Company back to its roots.

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Proposal Two: Ratification of the Auditor

We recommend you vote in favor of Proposal Two.


Proposal Three:  Say-on-Pay

We believe the Board has overpaid the Company’s executive officers and has failed to align the officers’ pay with performance.

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Proposal Four:  Bylaw Amendment

We are sponsoring an amendment to the Company’s Bylaws to make it harder for the Board to acquire companies or invest capital without stockholder approval. We hope you will support it.

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Why Change is Needed

We believe the Stillwater Board has made significant errors in guiding the Company since the majority owner sold its stake in 2010.
The Case for Change

The Path Forward

The Company can create more value for its stockholders by taking these steps
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Materials For Stockholders

April 15, 2013
Clinton Group second letter to Stockholders Read More >

April 9, 2013
Presentation to Stockholders Read More >